Founder and owner of the King Kalakaua Center for Humanistic Psychotherapy, Dr. Tillich specializes in couples and individual therapy. A self-proclaimed "digger" who loves to identify and discuss deep sources of feelings and actions. He also takes special interest in training newly appointed therapists the Two-on-Two approach to couples counseling.

Lucas Morgan, Ph.D.

Dr. Morgan is from O'ahu originally and went away to UMass Boston for his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, where he studied mindfulness-based behavioral therapies for anxiety, as well as the impacts of social disadvantage on mental health. He returned home and completed his internship and a post-doctoral fellowship with I Ola Lahui. He focuses on mental health for older adults, their families, and with elder-care organizations including geriatricians of psychology, social justice, and culture. 

Are you striving to achieve a balance of BODY, MIND & SPIRIT? Are you experiencing Major Life Transitions but are tired of ‘WORKING ON YOURSELF?’ Do you wish to find freedom from unhealthy relationship patterns and to re-discover joy, harmony and beauty in your life? As a compassionate, holistic therapist 

Jennifer Leslein-Hopley, LMHC

Dawn Baxter, LMFT, CSAC

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