Catherine Hage, LCSW

Catherine Hage, LCSW lived and studied on the east and west coasts of the mainland, then following strong intuitive guidance, moved to Honolulu in 1995.  She became the first person to graduate with a degree in Performance Art from the University of Hawai'i, and worked creatively with children and adults for health, healing, and growth.  After exploring a world of opportunities for higher education, she chose U.H. again to better serve the community and home of her heart here in Hawai'i.  With a concentration in Mental Health, she earned a Master's degree and Licensing in Social Work.  Supporting the wellness of the whole person, she became a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher, a Mindfulness and Loving-Kindness meditation instructor, with education in nutrition and lifestyle choices for mental health. She also received training as a Doula and in childbirth.  With a life-long passion and drive to touch with empathy the wounded areas of the psyche, she has had the privilege of mentoring from gifted healers for over two and half decades concurrent to her work with others.  It has been her honor to witness clients gaining greater understanding and respect for their life paths, compassion for the challenges within themselves and their circumstances, and clarity in discovering their truth for freedom. 


Catherine celebrates diversity, and works with clients exploring wide-ranging topics including:

  • Powerful Emotions, Identity Issues

  • Mental Illness, Addiction Recovery, Eating Disorders, Learning Disabilities

  • Relationship Issues/Intimacy, Co-dependency, Couples Counseling, Family of Origin Issues

  • Life Transitions, Childbirth/Rearing, Health Challenges, Sexual Health, Grieving and Death

  • Career Concerns, Financial Instability, Life Goals and Visions

  • Sexual/Gender Orientation, Homophobia/Trans-Phobia

  • Immigrant/Cultural concerns, Racism

  • Crises of Faith, Spiritual Seeking


Catherine’s intention is to create a safe space for each person to better access their own truth and inner wisdom.  Whether you embark on this voyage with her or by other means, she wishes you caring for your places of suffering, and growing fulfillment, happiness and liberation.

Accepted Insurance:
  • HMAA

  • HMSA (BC/BS, PPO, HMO, Akami, Quest)

  • Tricare

  • UHA

No insurance? Self-pay option available by discussing with Catherine.